Northwestern University kicks off huge fundraiser

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It’s a purple pep rally with a purpose.  This is the Evanston kick-off of Northwestern University’s effort to raise a total of 3.75 billion dollars over the next five years.

“We will,” the campaign for Northwestern actually began quietly in September of 2011 and has already raised about 1.5 billion.  But the big push for the rest of the money to give more financial aid to students and make campus improvements officially begins today.

When this campaign concludes the campus will be transformed.Attendees were given heartfelt pitches to give from students and faculty.

There was also a celebrity endorsement from famous alumni.   About 1.1 billion will be used to increase financial aid for undergraduate, graduate and professional students.

Another 1.1 billion will be used in Evanston to build a new and combined home for the prestigious Kellogg School of Business and the Department of Economics along with other new buildings on campus.

In Chicago, it will be used to build a medical research center at the site of the old Prentice Women’s Hospital.  A simultaneous event was held in the city. There, the same theme, “We will”.

The university president admits it’s an ambitious plan, but he and the many students, faculty and researcher featured in the presentation say the billions raised with also raise the level of community involvement, scientific research and education at Northwestern.


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