STREAMWOOD, Ill. — Some residents in the Village of Streamwood said they’re on alert after several overnight car break-ins were reported Monday morning.

“It’s a quiet neighborhood. Seeing it was a little shocking, but I think we have to be aware now,” said Neil, who lives in the Concord Station subdivision, where one of the incidents occurred.

Streamwood police said they took three reports of incidents that happened overnight Sunday into Monday morning, two of which happened on Hummingbird Lane, with a third on Providence Lane. All three reportedly happened between 3-4 a.m.

Elizabeth Barahona was one of several victims who woke up to find someone had rifled through their vehicles. She said her truck was hit by thieves, which was all caught on her doorbell camera.

Barahona said she went out to her vehicle around 6 a.m. when she found her purse emptied on the passenger seat. Once she realized what happened, Barahona got on social media and saw reports of similar things happening in her area.

“I know I had to come grab my charger the night before and I could have sworn that I locked it, but it could be that I didn’t,” Barahona said.

In the video, you can see at least two people, including one person in a ski mask, approach the truck. At least one person opened the door, going inside. Barahona said the thieves didn’t take much, only some cash from the bottom of her purse.

“It’s really the principal of the whole thing that’s annoying,” she said. “It was just a little bit of cash that they were able to grab. What exactly they were looking for, I’m not sure, but hopefully they don’t come back.”

In another video shared by a resident on Briarwood Lane, you can see three people going up to an SUV, eventually getting inside. It’s not clear whether that incident has been reported to police.

“It was pretty brave of them, you know, a lot of residents have cameras and they just walked up to cars like there will be no repercussions,” said Neil, who saw the videos being shared on social media and other pages.

Neil said he hopes by residents speaking out, they will deter people from engaging in this type of activity and encourage anyone with information to reach out to authorities.

“The police can’t be everywhere, so it’s up to the community to step up, and if they want something done, they have to say something,” he said.

If you or someone you know has information that can help police make an arrest in the investigation of these incidents, Streamwood PD encourages you to call their anonymous crime tip hotline at 630-736-3719, or send a tip via email to