PARK RIDGE, Ill. — Park Ridge police officers are connecting with the community after a string of armed robberies in the parking lot of a Mariano’s.

Over the weekend, police announced the arrest of several people after the latest incident.

On Friday, officers from several police departments came together for a roll call in the parking lot after residents voiced their concerns about crime.

The officers were from several agencies, including the Park Ridge Police Department, the Cook County Sheriff’s Office, the Des Plaines Police Department and the Chicago Police Department.

“We’re here to make sure this community is safe,” Park Ridge Police Department Chief Frank Kaminski said.

The first armed robbery in Mariano’s parking lot happened on March 10. Two men told police they were approached by three men in masks and robbed at gunpoint of their wallets and phones.

According to police, officers with Park Ridge were called again to Mariano’s around 10 p.m. Sunday after two people said they were walking out of the store when they were robbed at gunpoint by three males who pulled up next to them in a black and white Jeep Compass. They told police they believed a fourth person was in the SUV but did not get out during the incident.

The Des Plaines Police Department said its officers were called to an armed robbery at the Rivers Casino just minutes before the one at Mariano’s. Police said four people got out of a Jeep and approached a car with two men inside. Each of the people reportedly pressed a gun into the chests of the victims, taking money and cell phones from both, before fleeing.

Police said it was information provided by the victims in the Mariano’s armed robbery, including an Illinois license plate number, that helped connect the suspect vehicle to the armed robbery at Rivers Casino just minutes before.

“They made the arrest on the offenders who were in a stolen car, so we give them a lot of credit and we really appreciate their partnership in helping us with their investigation,” Gadomski said.

On both days, Des Plaines police officers investigated armed robberies around the same time with similar circumstances at Rivers Casino.

On Sunday night, several people were taken into custody by Chicago police and state police.

It’s still not clear if all of these incidents are connected and police are still investigating.

But as the investigation continues, police said they wanted to show the community they’re there for them and won’t tolerate this type of crime.

“We want to assure Park Ridge residents that we understand their concerns and we’re going to show a strong support to both our business community, especially Mariano’s, as well as our residents,” Park Ridge police Executive Director Tom Gadomski said.

Gadomski said the department works closely with area agencies, including the ones represented Friday night, and credits them for their role in solving crimes collectively.

“Part of this is to thank them for their partnership with us; talk about what’s going on and that we’ve seen these crimes ending up in each one of our jurisdictions, so we want to thank them while they’re here and share information with them while they’re here,” said Gadomski.

For some shoppers like Sue Fortener, their presence is helping them feel better.

“I think that makes me feel a lot better,” Fortener said. “I did see the police car over there and I’m like ‘Oh, they’re paying attention.'”

While the investigation is still ongoing, Gadomski said the department is feeling confident.

“We still feel very confident in this investigation and working all the different aspects of it,” Gadomski said. “We’re hoping to get to the point of filing charges.”

Because these recent cases highlight how crime can be so mobile, residents said they’re also investing in license plate readers.

Those were just ordered and the department feels the technology can help significantly help with solving crime and working with other agencies.