WHEELING, Ill. — A GoFundMe fundraiser for the teen survivor of a multi-vehicle crash that killed four Buffalo Grove High School students has reached nearly $25,000.

Jaime Davila was involved in the fatal crash at the intersection of Dundee and Schoenbeck roads in Wheeling on May 16.

Davila survived. Four other teens died and have been identified as: 16-year-old Jesus Rodriguez, 17-year-old Kevin R. Hernandez-Teran and 18-year-old Richard De-lta of Wheeling, and 17-year-old Ricky Barcenas of Arlington Heights.

All were students at Buffalo Grove High School.

Brenda Davila, Jaime’s sister, said he has been in the ICU and has a long recovery ahead of him. No further details have been provided on his current condition.

Brenda created the GoFundMe to help cover Jaime’s medical expenses. As of noon Tuesday, the fundraiser has raised over $24,500.

Anyone who would like to donate, can go to: www.gofundme.com.