SCHAUMBURG, Ill. — A man was taken into custody after at least 80 vehicles at a Schaumburg car dealership were damaged.

Several dealerships on Golf Road were impacted.

Schaumburg Honda general manager Matthew Ashford said he got a call around 12:30 a.m. Thursday and was shocked at the damage.

“He came through the back of my lot and, unfortunately as you can see, literally just going down car to car,” he said. “In 26 years of being in the automobile business, 24 of them here Schaumburg Honda, I have never seen anything like this.”

Ashford said in many of the damaged vehicles repairs will involved much more than just replacing windshields.  There’s damaged windshield wipers with smashed up defrosters and electronics.

“(It is) significant damage. We’re expecting to that to go into the quarter million dollars worth of damage,” he said. “We actually have customers waiting for cars that are finally did arrive and now that they arrived unfortunately have damage to them. … It’s really terrible timing  We’re hopefully going to get the cars back together as quickly as possible.  But obviously with the inventory shortage, this is quite possibly the worst possible time that it could happen.”

Investigators said the man is in his 20s and will be formally charged.