HIGHLAND PARK, Ill. —  District 113 will hire a director of security who will be in place next year, but parents whose children were part of the lockdown at Highland Park High School want metal detectors installed as soon as possible.

Parents in Highland Park are demanding that District 113, which represents Highland Park and Deerfield High Schools, install metal detectors in those schools.

This comes after a student brought a gun to Highland Park High School earlier this month and sent the school into lockdown. Frightening fellow classmates who were locked in their classrooms and their families.

The district has armed school resource officers by adding six this school year.

Also new this year is a system that requires students to scan in every day and that system would flag a student who’s not supposed to be there. But some parents say that’s not enough of a deterrent to prevent a tragedy.

The school said comparable districts like Glenbrook, Evanston, New Trier, among others, don’t have metal detectors. Some members of the board do seem open to the idea, but they plan to discuss it with their security consultant on Sunday, May 30.

The district also wants to hire a director of security for the district, which they hope to have a person in place by next school year.