PALATINE, Ill. — While on the way to the hospital, a woman had to give birth in the parking lot of Fremd High School Monday evening.

It was a typical morning for 29-year-old Iesha Reeves, of Wheeling. The mother of now-five children got her kids ready for school, but then noticed some slight contractions.

Reeves was scheduled to be induced the next day and was hoping her baby girl could be a little more patient.

After taking a nap, the contractions became more intense as Reeves’ mother came over at around 6 p.m.

They decided to drive the hospital — but didn’t make it.

“My water broke and I told my mom ‘I feel the need to push,'” Reeves said. “My mom said, “don’t push, we are almost there.'”

Reeves’ daughter had other plans. The pair pulled into the parking lot of Fremd High School, which had an event going on at the time.

“She came out in one push,” Reeves said. “As soon as I told my mom, ‘she’s out, she’s out,’ my mom was already on the phone with 911.”

Baby Braelynn

Her baby daughter, named Braelynn, was crying and Reeves had a towel ready to go.

“I wrapped her up,” Reeves said. “She looked right at me. Her eyes were wide open.”

A woman from the high school’s event helped Reeves and her mother communicate with 911.

In less than five minutes, the Palatine Fire Department was at the scene to transport Reeves and Braelynn to Northwest Community Hospital.

Reeves and her daughter were discharged from the hospital on Wednesday.

“She is doing great — perfect health and no complications,” Reeves said. “A perfect delivery.”