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CHICAGO — Police departments in Northwest Indiana and three west suburban departments are the newest members in a regional carjacking task force.

In a press conference at Chicago Police Headquarters, Lake County Sheriff Oscar Martinez announced that his department is joining CPD’s regional task force along with 18 other Northwest Indiana police departments.

“When you say carjacking,” Sheriff Martinez. “Guns are involved, drugs are involved. They don’t use the vehicle for joyriding, they use it to commit robberies.”

Martinez said carjackers from Chicago are spilling over into Northwest Indiana.

“We’ve had 47 vehicular carjackings in the last two years,” Martinez said.

Forest Park police, Oak Brook police and Berkeley police joined the regional carjacking task force as well.

Commanders of the task force said police will be able to maintain pursuits into different jurisdictions. They will be provided by air support from Illinois State Police and federal agents.

Supt. Brown said law enforcement alone can’t stop carjackings and there is no quick fix. He said it’s going to take a more comprehensive approach.

“We will not nevertheless let up going up going after these offenders regardless of their age,” he said. “We need to flood our communities with comprehensive resources that address the root causes of violence and crime.”