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Police are investigating a shooting near a north suburban home that being rented by the manager of rapper Chief Keef.

A source tells WGN he saw Chief Keef — who’s real name is Keith Cozart —  at the Northfield Police Department Wednesday morning with two other people being questioned by police.  We’re not sure if he’s still there, and the Cook County State’s Attorney won’t say if  charges have been filed.

SkyCam9 video shows investigators at the house of Cozart’s manager. All day they’ve been at the home in the 800 block of Happ Road looking for evidence after someone was shot.

The rapper’s lawyer tells TMZ that the rapper was there but wasn’t the shooter. Sources tell WGN one of Cozart’s buddies shot another one of his buddies, who then ran off and drove himself to Skokie hospital.  He’s in stable condition after spending Wednesday morning in the ICU.

Another source tells WGN it was actually Cozart who drove the injured man to the hospital.

Neighbors say there was a lot of activity at the house Tuesday night, but that’s not really unusual. They’ve called police several times for disturbances since the house was rented to Cozart’s manager over a year ago.  Cozart reportedly stays there often.

The rapper, who isn’t even 20 yet, has had many run ins with police.  He’s been convicted in weapons and several drug related charges, recently getting a DUI after spending time in rehab.

Northfield police say this is an isolated incident and that the community is not in danger.  About a six-block stretch of Happ on either side of this house is closed to through traffic, and police say it will stay that way through Friday — that tells you the seriousness of this situation.