ZION, Ill. — A Chicago man is facing murder charges for allegedly strangling a woman to death in her Zion home Monday.

Craig Larsen, 50, was charged with first-degree murder after a pathologist ruled the woman’s death was by strangulation, according to an autopsy report.

According to Zion police, family members found the 38-year-old woman dead in her home at the 2200 block of Lewis Avenue around 11:08 a.m.

Paramedics claimed the woman seemed to have been dead for some time, but reports say she was seen alive just two days earlier. There were also signs that suggested that she had been involved in a struggle.

Neighbors reported to the police while the woman did live alone, Larsen frequently visited her apartment.

Detectives located Larsen in his Chicago home where police say he made unsolicited comments about her death. Larsen was also noticed having fresh cuts and scratches about his face, hands and arms.

After further police investigation, Larsen was arrested and taken into custody. His bond was set at $5 million.