FOX LAKE, Ill. — A knife-wielding man was fatally shot by Fox Lake police officers during a confrontation Sunday night.

According to police, officers arrived at a residence in the 0-100 block of Howard Avenue around 11:10 p.m. to arrest a 47-year-old man of Wauconda.

Upon arrival, a victim told police the 47-year-old damaged a vehicle and threw a golf club at the victim at a nearby residence. The victim stated they wanted to press charges against the man.

Police said two officers located the 47-year-old at an acquittance’s home in the 0-100 block of Howard Avenue. When officers announced to the man he was under arrest, he pulled a knife out of his pocket and pointed it towards officers, according to police.

Two officers instructed the man to drop the knife but instead, the man lunged towards one of the officers with the knife drawn, police said.

Both officers shot toward the man, striking him. He was pronounced dead on the scene, according to police.

“Things like that don’t typically happen, so for us to have 12 squad cars here at 11:30 at night was kind of wild,” said neighbor Dawn Eitel.

A 43-year-old woman, an acquaintance of the man who lived at the residence, was struck in the leg by one of the shots fired by officers. The woman was transported to an area hospital for treatment and is expected to be released Monday.

A friend of the victim, Leon Ruther, told WGN News that he was inside of the home when police arrived.

“We were boating and we came back to the hostess’s house and everybody was inside and we heard a loud bang on the door and it turned out the host of the party was having a dispute with another guy and his girlfriend,” Ruther said.

“I’m just happy that the police were on top of it,” Eitel added. “We’ve got some good cops. They really patrol the area out here.”

The Lake County Major Crime Task Force is conducting an independent investigation into the officer-involved shooting.