ANTIOCH, Ill — A crew is believed to have conducted 15 armed car burglaries in around three hours in Antioch.

Police believe the crew struck several neighborhoods in the village between 10 p.m. and 1 a.m. Sunday night.

There were approximately 15 total incidents involving the theft of property from unlocked vehicles, police said. They went on to say the suspects were likely driving stolen cars from other communities and at least one was believed to have been armed.

“Anyone who sees something should call 911 immediately,” said Chief Geoffrey Guttschow. “Confronting the criminals could have deadly consequences. No personal property is worth someone’s life.”

Guttschow wants residents to help combat suburban auto thefts and burglaries by participating in an evening routine of safeguarding personal property.

He is urging people to remove valuables from their cars, and lock car, home and garage doors.

“It’s a cultural shift that we’re trying to educate the public on,” Guttschow said.

Residents are also urged to turn on their exterior home lights.

Police released the following surveillance video of one of the incidents.

Anyone with information should call police at 847-270-9111.