MCHENRY, Ill. — A serious knee injury before the new year appeared to end the high school career of a basketball player from Wonder Lake.

But Lynette Alsot, who tore her ACL and meniscus in her right knee in December, was in for a big surprise when she showed up for senior night at McHenry Community High School on Wednesday evening.

“I was so blown out of the water and I was so excited,” said the Warriors forward when she was told about the opportunity to get on the floor one last time for the school.

Not only was Alsot going to suit up for the game against Central High School, but she was inserted into the starting lineup by head coach John Lunkenheimer. The plan was to have her get the ball after the opening tipoff and score the first basket of the game.

With the cooperation of their opponents, McHenry got the ball to Alsot, who had crept toward the basket and was standing in the lane when she caught the pass. Despite having a big brace on her still recovering right knee, the forward was able to put the ball off the glass and in for the final points of her career.

Alsot was immediately taken out of the game with her teammates giving her hugs as she left the floor for the last time at McHenry.

“In that moment, I just remembered I’ve been doing this, I’ve been playing this sport of basketball for so many years and I know I’m capable of making a layup,” Alsot said. “I put all my previous effort and skills together, shooting one last layup when it counts.”

Since the ACL and meniscus injury occurred just a few months ago, that will be the last time she takes part in a sports event at McHenry. She hasn’t picked a college yet, but she plans to play volleyball wherever she goes, always having a special memory from her last on the basketball floor.

“It was just such a cool opportunity kinda bring my whole senior season, wrap it all up in one big moment, and kinda have a great ending moment and a great ending memory,” Alsot said.

You can see the moment in the video above along with Larry Hawley’s interview with the McHenry Community High School senior on WGN News Now on Thursday.