North Side flower shop thriving amid pandemic


CHICAGO — Green Incorporated has been growing in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood for decades.

The florist has been in business since 1973 at the same location since 1974. Started by Luke Carroll’s mom, this is still a family run shop.

“We are lucky in that we stayed open the whole time of COVID,” Carroll said.

They not only stayed open but has prospered. Orders are up 75% since pre-COVID as people send their love.

“Friends and families are sending those feelings to each other because they are sending gifts for children they can’t see and for parties they can’t have,” Carroll said.

Flown come into the shopnjust about every day from the Netherlands. Green Incorporated is serious about its Dutch flowers with some of the best Mother Nature has to offer and while some of his customers are guys, most are women.

“Because they are sending to each other to their friends and it’s actually very beautiful,” Carroll said.

Some even use Luke as a surrogate therapist.

“A woman said, ‘How are doing?’ and then she said, ‘How are you really doing?’ That meant she was going crazy,” he said.

Customer Kaleigh said when you walk into the flower shop, you feel like you’re in a dream world.

Green Incorporated also delivers. They provide florals and plants for weddings and graduations, funerals, births and baptisms and many other events.

Green Incorporated has visions of continual spreading of its roots.

They are open seven days a week and are located at 1718 N. Wells St. You can contact them at 312-266-2806.


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