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CHICAGO — At O’Hare’s international terminal Saturday, a little boy from China arrived with his new family.

5-year-old Levi, born in China and raised as an orphan, united with his new parents, Gretchen and Aaaron Kingsley before the long flight.

A year ago, the Kingsleys, already proud parents of four, set their sights on Levi.

The boy, who has Down Syndrome and is visually impaired, was connected with the family through the non-profit “Gift of Adoption” fund.

The Kingsleys said they are blessed.

“It all has to do with our faith,” Gretchen Kingsley, of Milton, Wisconsin, said. “We are Christians and we feel a calling from God and its just stepping out in that faith and where he calls us to go.”

“Gift of Adoption” coordinator Sharon Komlofske is excited to be a part of their story.

“We are really excited to be a part of their story,” Komlofske said. “We help about 500 children a year, by just providing the last bit of funds needed to complete their adoptions and come home to their permanent families.”

Brother Nolan, who was also on the trip, is excited to no longer be the only boy with three sisters.

“It’s awesome,” Nolan said. “I can finally have a friend in the house, I guess you would say.”

The family was tired after the long flight, but is excited to get back up to Wisconsin with Levi just in time for the new year.

“We’re happy to be home. I guess after 16 days it was just a long trip home… but he did great,” father Aaron Kingsley said. “He sat with mom quiet and calm the whole time and watched movies.”