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CHICAGO — Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker, Mayor Lori Lightfoot, hotel leaders and others tackle the problem of human trafficking.

The officials gathered Friday morning at the Sheraton Grand Chicago to discuss prevention at a “No Room for Trafficking” training event, which is part of an international campaign.

As it turns out, major sporting events, like the Super Bowl, typically see a surge in human trafficking.

A new Illinois law, which will take effect this summer, makes it mandatory for hotel and motel owners to train employees on spotting signs of human trafficking.

“You can use a human’s body over and over again and so a lot of drug traffickers are actually switching to human trafficking,” Kyra Wooden, Youth Outreach Specialist, said.

Chip Rogers, American Hotel and Lodging Association said many times human trafficking victims are related to or in a relationship with their traffickers and they’ve become dependent on their traffickers.

Another sign officials said to look out for is multiple males being escorted in individually by the same person.

“…we see that a lot in hotels,” Michale Jacobson, American Hotel and Lodging Association, said. “And you know they’re going up to the room for probably suspicious reasons.”

Mayor Lori Lightfoot said the conditions that make people vulnerable and subject to trafficking need to be addressed.