No charges filed in shooting death of pet dog in suburban Wayne


WAYNE, Ill. — Charges won’t be filed against the husband of the Wayne village president who fatally shot his neighbor’s dog in suburban Wayne last month.  

The decision came after the Kane County Sheriff’s Department took over the investigation. Some community members told WGN they’re upset with the county’s state’s attorney’s announcement.

“My husband works in the city and I worry about him with gunfire,” resident Amy Daszkiewicz said. “And then it happens in my neighborhood in Wayne. This is why we moved here. To be in this peaceful community and it’s sad.”

Daszkiewicz adds that she is disgusted by the news that the county decided to forego charges.

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“I’m so sick to my stomach. This is awful,” she said. “Those dogs — Ludwig and his brother — they’re such good dogs.”

On Aug. 10, officers responded to the 5N600 block of Pearson Drive around 5 p.m. for a call of shots fired with a dog involved. Kane County Sheriff’s Deputies arrived at the scene first and conducted an initial investigation.

Police said a resident discharged a firearm, striking and killing a dog. The resident, later identified to be Hal Phipps, claimed that two dogs were on his property and aggressively blocking his path from his boat dock back to his residence. Phipps allegedly opened fire and struck one dog, killing the animal. The other dog ran away.

Surveillance video and eyewitness testimony refuted the claims, however.

“The evidence through the video and through the eyewitness is that the woman was some distance away from Ludwig when he was shot,” said Jamie Mosser with the State’s Attorney’s Office. “As such, we are unable to charge Mr. Phipps with reckless discharge of a firearm or reckless conduct.”

A month before the fatal shooting incident, the dogs allegedly attacked Phipps. The dog’s owner, Joe Petit, was ticketed for the incident.

Residents in the neighborhood continue to demand justice for Ludwig.

“I guess he has the right,” resident Martin Belski said. “But I still don’t think he should hand shot the dog.”

Wayne Village president Eileen Phipps, the wife of Hal Phipps, released a statement regarding Wednesday’s announcement:

“We are appreciative of the witnesses that came forward and provided essential information to the authorities and the resulting decision that my husband, Hal, was in fear for his life and acted in self-defense.” 

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