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(KTLA) — A motorist on the 405 Freeway in Orange County, California, was captured on video driving her vehicle with the hatchback completely open and a missing passenger-side front tire. 

“Rather dangerous situation happening here on the 405, tailgate open. There’s no tailgate party going on in sight,” Instagram user Chad Towersey, who captured the video, can be heard saying. 

Sparks are seen flying off the passenger-side rim as the woman drives down the roadway, seemingly unaware of the situation.  

The vehicle also looked as though it had recently been in an accident.  

Towersey and another driver moved in front of the woman and were able to slow her down and direct her off the freeway.

When the woman finally came to a stop and was confronted by Towersey and the other driver, she appeared disoriented and maintained that nothing was wrong.  

“You’re on drugs right now. You’re on painkillers,” Towersey can be heard saying to the woman, who denied that she was.

“I am not. Oh my God, absolutely not,” she can be seen saying.

According to Towersey, the woman had no idea what was going on nor how many people she was putting at risk.

In an emailed statement to KTLA, the Irvine Police Department said it was aware of the online videos and indicated the woman has not been arrested, but the matter remained under investigation.

The vehicle involved has been impounded as part of the investigation.

“Alleged medical conditions can complicate driving under the influence investigations and are a consideration in this case,” the statement read. “IPD is conducting a thorough investigation into this matter which will be forwarded to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office.”

Towersey told KTLA that another man had tried to help the woman put a spare tire on the car earlier in the day, but that she took off while her vehicle was up on a jack.