GAHANNA, Ohio (WCMH) – A chaotic scene unfolded on Interstate 270 in Ohio on Saturday, after two men got into a fight in the middle of active lanes of traffic.

“After eight years of being a truck driver I thought I seen it all, but just when you think that, something else happens,” said Jon Castiaux, who filmed the incident on I-270 South as he waited in halted traffic.

Castiaux told Nexstar’s WCMH that he was driving through Gahanna when he saw people running around on the highway. He then saw two men on the ground, and was under the impression — at first — that someone was administering CPR to the other.

“I immediately thought it was a bad accident with an ejection,” Castiaux said. “As I got closer I noticed punches and kicks started flying so I just pulled my phone out to record it just to honestly prove that it happened.”

The video shows the two men — one wearing a black hoodie and another in a blue button-up — struggle with each other on the ground briefly, while other people get out of their cars and stand nearby. Another man runs across the highway and appears to gesture at the cars before running off. The two men then get up, losing their shoes in the process. The man in the black hoodie proceeds to kick and fling his hands at the other, knocking him down again.

Two people fight on I-270 in Ohio. (Courtesy Photo/Jon Castiaux)

Later in the video, the man in the blue shirt charges at the man in the black hoodie, throwing a punch. More drivers in the traffic jam get out of their cars and watch, but another driver, fed up with waiting, weaves around on the curb and keeps going.

The two men continue to fight and chase each other across the highway, before running further up the road toward a car stopped in the median.

“I’ve been trying to figure out why it even happened,” Castiaux said.

The police in Gahanna said officers arrived at the scene after the fight was over. None of the people involved wanted to cooperate, and others had already left.

No one was arrested in connection with the fight, the Gahanna police told WCMH.