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(WREG) — The cloak of dark window tint may not be enough to hide your belongings inside your vehicle. Police say thieves can use cell phone cameras to look through tinted windows.

Police in Memphis, Tennessee, recently warned residents that it doesn’t matter how dark your windows are tinted — when you put a cell phone in camera mode up to the glass, you can see right through.

Employees with Nexstar’s WREG put a cell phone up to the back window of a car as a test, and were able to see everything in the vehicle’s backseat.

(WREG photo)
(WREG photo)

Documentation of the “hack” is pretty sparse online, likely due to the potentially illegal nature of peeking through someone’s windows to look at their belongings. Many Reddit users have also taken notice, though most commenters of the /LifeProTips subreddit agreeing it was a shady practice.

With rising advances in mobile technology, phone cameras can do so much more than take pictures. Some features allow users to conduct real-time internet searches of whatever the camera’s pointed at, or translate text instantly. Abilities depend on phone models and app installations, of course.

Memphis police, meanwhile, are urging vehicle owners not to leave anything valuable in their cars, or at least not in view of would-be burglars. The department added that theft from motor vehicles is the top non-violent crime occurring daily in Memphis, with thieves likely looking for purses, valuables or even guns that can be sold on the street for a quick profit.

Police also recommend locking your car doors whenever leaving the vehicle unattended and parking in a well-lit area. If there is a gun in the car, make sure it is safely stored in a locked box. Car alarms can also be useful, as well as cameras around your home, which may catch potential thieves.