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PLAINFIELD, Ill. (WGN) — A family in Plainfield, Illinois, is causing a bit of controversy with their “Stranger Things”-themed Halloween display.

The decorations, which mimic a scene from the popular Netflix series, include a body resembling that of Max Mayfield, a character from the show, floating above their home’s driveway.

“We wanted to recreate a scene from, basically, our favorite TV show,” Dave told WGN Radio last week.

It’s an impressive display, complete with other “Stranger Things”-inspired touches across the yard and house. The home also started to gain national attention on TikTok earlier this month, after creators Dave and Aubrey Appel shared a video of the floating body on social media.

But a bit of controversy has been surrounding the display due to the crowds it’s been drawing — causing a neighbor to become upset when a visitor pulled into their driveway to see it.

A heated discussion ensued after that incident, and police were called to the house. On Sunday, the family posted on social media that they were considering pulling the plug on their Halloween display — but have since been overwhelmed by the public’s supportive response.

“Monday morning, we woke up and the amount of support and love from everywhere — literally everywhere, like worldwide — was like, ‘Don’t let one person ruin your fun,'” Aubrey told WGN this week.

The neighbor who allegedly complained about the display was not available for comment when contacted by WGN. But the Appels had previously told WGN Radio that their home had “absolutely” become something of a tourist attraction in the area.

“We’ve already got the parking cones out, and maybe gonna have to hire a full-time crossing guard,” Dave joked.

The neighborhood is under the jurisdiction of both Plainfield and Joliet. WGN is told Plainfield has given its blessing to keep the display.

The family had planned to meet with Joliet officials on Wednesday to make sure the display isn’t in violation of any ordinances. If not, they said they planned to keep the decorations up through Halloween.