(KSWB) — Saturday’s Strawberry Moon is just a precursor to another celestial spectacle that’s expected to wow sky gazers on Sunday night.

If you’ve noticed a bright star that lingers at dusk recently, you’ve more than likely been taking a distant peek at the hottest planet in the solar system: Venus.

According to NASA, Earth’s sister planet will be at its highest point in the sky on June 4. Its positioning should make for stellar viewing during the evening hours, astronomy experts say.

Although it’s often called Earth’s “twin” because of its size and density, NASA has described Venus as “a hellish world” with surface temperatures hot enough to melt lead.

This burning ball of toxicity may have once had oceans and an atmosphere like the planet we inhabit, but that’s not the case in present day. NASA says it’s “a mystery” as to how Venus became this smoldering terrestrial sphere.

However, that soon may change. NASA says it’s upcoming DAVINCI Mission will help find those answers.

“DAVINCI will plunge through Venus’s thick, toxic atmosphere collecting unprecedented detail and information about the planet as it parachutes through the thick clouds and lands in an ancient region,” said Michelle Handleman, an official at the NASA Goddard Office of Communications. “Who knows what fabulous mysteries of our sister planet remain on the surface of Venus.”

More information on NASA’s DAVINCI Mission to Venus can be found here.

In a fascinating universe, Sunday’s dazzling view of Venus is a great opportunity for all of us Earthlings to spot the our planetary neighbor as it burns alongside our spinning world.