(NEXSTAR) – A stray python slithered into a Sonic Drive-In last month, sending employees running from the restaurant.

Workers at a Sonic location in Brunswick, Georgia, found the python snuggled up behind the fryer on the evening of May 20. Lt. Matthew Wilson of the Brunswick Police responded to find the employees had all “exited the business” upon finding the snake, which they initially described as brown with a diamond pattern on its skin.

Lt. Wilson, believing the snake could have been a rattler, requested permission to take a look. Fortunately, he was able to confirm the snake was non-venomous.

“I went inside and looked at the snake and immediately observed the snake not to be a rattlesnake and that it was a ball python as I personally own one,” wrote Lt. Wilson in a statement shared with Nexstar.

Lt. Wilson then scooped up the python with his bare hands — and a broom handle — and placed it in a bag. The python was transported to a temporary home in a terrarium, as there are “no local trappers or resources” in Brunswick that would be able to take the snake.

Lt. Wilson says it’s unclear where the python came from, though it’s possible the snake slithered away from — or was released by — a resident who was keeping it as a pet.

Weeks later, no one has reported the loss of a snake to Brunswick Police or animal-control services. The python, meanwhile, has been handed over to a local snake-owner who has experience with this species, Lt. Wilson said.