Newborn baby found alive on top of garbage can in alley, police say

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CHICAGO — Police said a newborn baby boy was found alive on top of a garbage can in the Hermosa neighborhood Tuesday afternoon. Police said the baby was found in an alley on the 1700 block of North Keystone Avenue around 4 p.m. on top of a garbage can and wrapped in a blanket. According to Chicago fire officials, people who lived nearby heard the baby crying, went to the alley and found the child. The people who found him, a woman and her daughter, then took the baby to a fire station on the 1700 block of North Pulaski Avenue. The baby was just hours old and still had an umbilical cord attached. The cord was not clamped, and the baby was bleeding when he was found. A fire department spokesman said when the baby was brought to the station he was “blue, unresponsive, no pulse.” They shocked the baby back to life. Two paramedics performed CPR while transporting the newborn to Norwegian American Hospital where he was stabilized.
Fire officials said the baby was “crying and kicking” and was transferred to Lurie Children’s Hospital. “I don’t know what it’s like to have a child, be pregnant, and be in some horrible circumstances where you are driven to do something like this. It almost sounds diabolical,” Patrick Fitzmaurice, paramedics field chief, said. “But come to us, call 911. We would’ve taken the baby to one hospital and her to another hospital. We won’t judge. Don’t leave your baby in an alley. Come to a firehouse. Leave the baby there. Give the kid a chance.” Illinois’ Safe Haven laws allow anyone to drop off a baby up to 30 days after giving birth to a hospital, police station or fire station — no questions asked. The baby boy remains in critical condition at Lurie Children’s Hospital and is said to be steadily improving. Authorities are searching for the child’s mother to see if she is OK, and police say she may face charges. Department of Children and Family Services says they are planning on taking protective custody of child. The family of a missing pregnant teen held a news conference Wednesday to say they believe the baby found abandoned Tuesday may belong to her. 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa-Uriostegui was last seen April 23 in the area of 20th Street and California Avenue leaving Latino Youth High School. She is nine months pregnant. The family is asking police and DCFS to do a DNA test, to see if there’s a connection.

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