New shop restores classic Air Jordans for fans, collectors

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CHICAGO — How much are your Air Jordans worth to you? For fans, the answer is typically: “a lot.”

WGN’s Julie Unruh spoke to an  old school cobbler who has stumbled into a new business of cleaning up people’s Jordans. It’s not just for fun. It’s big business.

How? He claims to be increasing the shoes’ value.

He’s a cobbler from Mexico City  who is making a name for himself by transforming your Air Jordans into heir-looms.

So how many Jordans are too many? It seems everybody’s wearing them: from Hollywood to the halftime show. MJ’s newest Air Jordan venture on State Street feels more like a museum than a store, proving it’s all about MJ’s shoes. There’s nothing like them.

Mario Pendleton peddles them everywhere. Frankly, anywhere. And noo price is too high. No line is too long for what he calls the “classic” Jordans.

And to clean these gems, the dozens boxed in his closet, he uses a toothbrush, soap, whatever he needs.

Then enters Ray Ramirez, an enterprising shoe repairman from Mexico City who owns the Red Star Cobbler in Humboldt Park.

Fifty percent of his business is about making his own dress shoes, fixing other people’s. The other half: cleaning, dying, painting high end sneakers. Restoring them for his meticulous high end sneaker customers.

The end result: good as new. They’re so good,  they were even able to clean up Julie’s old reporter’s boots.

For the sneaker fan turned fanatic where high style is truly where the rubber meets the road, Red Star Cobbler is happy to help you cash in.

So what does it cost? How about $20-$60 to fix your Jordan’s or Yeezees at Red star?

Look them up on:

Twitter: @redstarcobbler


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