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(CHICAGO) Police officers have new rules to follow when they’re at Chicago Public Schools.

The school resource officer policy was re-evaluated over concerns that students were being arrested for behavioral incidents at school.

Officers can still make arrests when a crime is committed, but they can no longer intervene with disciplinary issues.

If a principal tries to get an officer involved, the officer is supposed to report that to a supervisor.

The police department will also give CPS a monthly report about any arrests on school grounds.

Uniformed officers will carry their usual weapons and have offices equipped with a computer terminal that can access private CPD databases.

These rules are part of a $33 million agreement between Chicago Public Schools and the Chicago Police Department.

The first half payment to the police department is due at the end of January. The rest comes in September.

The agreement covers one school year, and both CPS and CPD have options to renew.