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CHICAGO — There’s a new carpooling option in Chicago.

Two ride-share carpooling options are already up and running.   Uber Pool, in which up to four people can share a ride for 30-percent less than a regular UberX ride by yourself.

And last week, Lyft Line came to Chicago also with an option for 30-percent less than a regular ride.

And now there’s Via, where you ride in a black car and there’s always a set rate.

Via riders have to set their pick up and drop off locations in the Via app and are then picked up by a black car driven by a driver licensed by the city of Chicago.

Other passengers along the similar route are then picked up, they’re just asked to walk to a nearby corner to make the route more efficient.

The rate is always $5.

Currently, Via operates from 6:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. between Lakeview and the Loop.

More information on all the ride sharing carpool options below: