New ride share apps not without controversy

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The traditional cab light is being replaced by your phone.
Ridesharing apps are becoming increasingly popular and they are sometimes 25% cheaper than your average cab ride.
Lyft is one of the ridesharing apps and is known for its pink mustache. Luis Trinidad became a driver for Lyft just a few weeks ago and says he’s been busy. Trinidad didn’t need a special license from the city or a fancy car. In fact he’s driving his own Toyota Corolla.
But but some argue cab drivers are losing out.
Cab drivers fear they are losing money due to the ridesharing apps and want the city to start regulating them.
Chicago’s Consumer Protection Agency, which oversees the cab industry, isn’t regulating the apps yet but is looking into how it wants to handle its growth.
Other cities have placed restrictions on the ridesharing apps but are allowing them to continue operating.


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