New microchip scanner program will bring lost pets home more quickly

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CHICAGO — A new donation to the Chicago Police Department and the Chicago Animal Care and Control can help bring lost pets home more quickly and easily.

Best Friends Animal Society and Animal Farm Foundation have donated 60 mobile microchip scanners to both CPD and CACC.

The mobile scanners allow police officers and animal control officers to scan a pet’s microchip, which contains the pet’s home address, while they’re out in the field. Then the pets can be returned immediately without needing to be processed in the city shelter.

“The animal care clerks at the front desk, their time would be best spent adopting out animals not intaking strays,” said Kelley Gandurski of Chicago Animal Care and Control.

She says the scanners are both a boon to the city and its taxpayers, because the immediate return will save Animal Control the time and expense of checking in and processing lost pets.

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