New humanoid robot ‘Nadine’ revealed

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SINGAPORE – Imagine a robot that looks like a human and can either keep you company or work as your personal assistant. It’s not science fiction.

Nanyang Technological University in Singapore unveiled “Nadine,” a humanoid robot that can actually have a conversation, ableit a brief one, with you.  The robot is programmed to recognize faces and remember bits of information.

Nadine resembles Nadia Thalmann, the Swiss professor who helped develop the robot, which is said to be powered by software similar to what Apple uses for Siri.

“This is somewhat like a real companion that is always with you and conscious of what is happening. . . .In the future, these socially intelligent robots could be like C-3PO. . . .with knowledge of language and etiquette,” Professor Thalmann is quoted as saying.


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