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CHICAGO — A man who lived his entire life with colorblindness was given a pair of glasses to help him see certain colors he wasn’t able to see before.

Michael Allen has red-green colorblindness.

“Everybody makes fun of me because sometimes they’re purples and they’re really blues and sometimes they’re blues and they’re really purples,” he said.

On Saturday, what Michael saw changed with a pair of $430 EnChroma glasses which he could never afford himself. The glasses were a gift from the Bilter Foundation.

“Basically all it does is block out the wavelength of light that kind of overlaps in people with color deficiency so they can see true color. For the first time in their lives,” Adam Bilter, Bilter Foundation, said.

Allen was at Dylan’s Candy Bar downtown Chicago when he tried out the glasses.

“Wow! Look at the pinks,” he said. “My gosh, it’s almost like everything’s neon!”

He not only saw the colors in the candy store, but he saw the father of three saw the shade of blue in his son’s eyes.

It was a life changing moment and a wonderful Christmas gift.

The Bilter Foundation is looking for more worthy recipients who live with hearing and sight deficiencies… for more information visit