New documentary reveals how McMillions Monopoly game scheme came to light

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CHICAGO — Roughly 30 years ago, the nation was gobbling up Big Macs and French fries so they could eat their way to million dollar prizes at McDonald’s. The Monopoly game was so successful, it boosted sales at the fast food chain by 40%.

Fast forward to the 2000s. The FBI got a tip that the game was rigged and million-dollar prize winners were all strangely connected — some of them even related. But how could this be? This is a decades old federal investigation just coming to light now. About 20 years ago it was dubbed “Operation Final Answer” because of its game show qualities. So many people at home likely remember this game for it’s fun and jackpot prizes not for the scam attached to it — And there’s a reason why.

All of those reasons are being revealed in a documentary series that aired for the first time this week on HBO called “McMillion$.” The FBI’s role in blowing this scam wide open believe it or not: a lot of fun.

WGN’s Julie Unruh sat down with the former FBI agent in charge of green lighting this nationally known case out of Florida. The case was prosecuted just as Tom Kneir was making his way to Chicago to run the FBI office.


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