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Prairie View, TX — A different perspective of Sandra Bland’s arrest was captured by newly released dash cam video. Footage from a second police car shows the moments following Sandra Bland’s initial traffic stop on July 10.

When the camera begins rolling, the police car is en route to the scene. Once the officer arrives, police are seen walking around talking for a few minutes.  Bland is sitting in the rear of the squad car seen in the video. The low-quality video then shows a female officer taking Bland out of the vehicle and patting her down.

IN THE PLAYER ABOVE: A shortened clip of the dash cam video released. Bland can be seen around five minutes into the clip. The full videos can be seen below.

The video also shows an ambulance arriving at the scene, but Bland does not enter the ambulance in the video.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube late Friday evening by the City of Prairie View in Texas. The video was released in two parts, the first 17 minutes and the second video was 14 minutes. The video has no audio.

Calls by WGN to the City of Prairie View and Prairie View Police Department went unanswered regarding why the video was split into two parts.

This is the third and fourth dash cam video to be released from Bland’s arrest. The first video released on Tuesday by The Texas Department of Public Safety was removed after questions arose because sequences appeared to have had glitches or been edited. The second video uploaded Wednesday shows the initial encounter between police and Bland.

Funeral services for Bland will be held Saturday in Lisle.

The moment of police interaction can be seen in the player above. Shortened video showing an ambulance arriving at the scene can be seen in the player below.