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CHICAGO — Out of the four new COVID-19 cases in Chicago, one patient has been working behind-the-scenes on a FOX-TV show at Cinespace.

After city officials announced Monday that one of the new cases is a woman traveling here from California, WGN has learned she has been working on the show “Next” at the West Side production studio.

“Due to confirmation from FOX Executives that there is one confirmed case (and possibly more) of the coronavirus on the TV show Next,” an excerpt from an email sent to employees Monday read.

Activist Ja’Mal Green, a friend of another employee on that show, said there is a lack of information getting out to workers who have been potentially exposed.

“They had noticed her sick not too long ago,” Green said. “And she even coughed in the boss’ face. She is one of the top level staffers over the show. She has had contact with every department in regards to that show.”

WGN has reached out to Cinespace and FOX for comment. At this time, we have not heard back.