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CHICAGO — There have been at least 17 people shot in Chicago in since 3 p.m. Sunday. Factoring in a weekend that included two mass shootings, 60 people have been shot since Saturday, and eight of them died.

Englewood resident Katrina Lathan says she’s fed up with the gun violence in Chicago.

Monday night as she was outside with her kids, three men and two women were wounded nearby in a shooting at 64th and May. Police say the group was standing on a sidewalk around 11 p.m. when someone came from a gangway and fired shots.

“It’s sad that we can’t be outside, having a good time, without somebody getting hurt,” said Jasmine, another resident of Englewood.

It was the second group shooting in the city in three days. Saturday night, seven people were wounded and one died after a shooting in East Garfield Park.

Many people living in those communities have had it. So WGN went to Mayor Emanuel to get his thoughts about violence in the city, but he referred us to Chicago police.

“The higher-powered firearms that are out there enable people to do [mass shootings],” Chicago police Supt. Anthony Riccio said.  “Now we see these magazines with 30 rounds, 40 rounds some of them, so the fire power is much stronger now and that allows for these large groups of shootings like this.”

Riccio also points out that the number of murders and shootings are down in the city, and there are hundreds more officers on streets these days. But when it comes to stopping the violence before it starts, he says CPD needs more help from the legislature in Springfield in the way of stronger guns laws and tougher sentences.

“The police are never going to be able to solve this problem on their own, we need stronger gun laws, we need laws that take guns out of the hands of the wrong people,” Riccio said.

The mayor’s office told WGN the approach to addressing violent crime is “multilayered,” and it’s something the mayor has talked about often. The mayor may have something to say about the recent spate of violence after Wednesday’s city council meeting.