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CHICAGO — A 64-year-old woman is recovering from her injuries, after being rescued from a burning home on the South Side.

Witnesses credit neighbors for saving her life.

Wade Rankin and other neighbors flew into action, assisting a son trying desperately to save his mother.

Cell phone video captured the moments after Rankin managed to pull Jerri Kelly out of the burning house on the 600 block of West 61st Pl.

“If we didn’t react, something bad would have happened,” Rankin said. ” So we had to react before the fire department came.”

Chicago Police, paramedics and firefighters quickly arrived to help lower Kelly from the roof and rushed her to the emergency room.

Neighbor Venus Simpson captured the entire rescue on video.

“It was amazing what they did. The young man .. that was his Mama .. and then the other gentleman helping them pull her out the window, and busting the glass.  They didn’t have time to wait on the fire department,” Simpson said.