Neighbors react as city awaits Blagojevich’s return to Ravenswood Manor home

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CHICAGO — Outside Rod Blagojevich’s home Tuesday, neighbors and the media are awaiting his return from a federal prison in Colorado after he was released.

At least one supporter of the former governor came to the house, located in Ravenswood Manor, and sang a song in approval of President Trump’s commutation.

“This system was unfair, this system was unfair to our governor,” supporter Ziff Sistrunk said. “We knew that soon he could be released. It was just a matter of time.”

For much of Rod Blagojevich’s nearly eight years in federal lockup, his wife and former Illinois First Lady Patti Blagojevich lead the charge to get him back home.

She appeared several times on the president’s favorite network, FOX News.

“I watched his wife on television, I don’t know him very well,” President Trump said in the past. “He was on, for a short time, ‘The Apprentice.’”

President Trump ended up “firing” Blagojevich on the NBC show.

Tuesday, his brother Robert Blagojevich, thanked the president for the decision, which has been talked about for years.

“President Trump is the ultimate Washington DC disruptor. This is another indicator of that,” he said.

One neighbor told WGN “it’s wonderful” that he’s getting out.

“It’s wonderful, yeah,” a neighbor said. “I’m getting goosebumps. This man has served too long of a time.”

Another neighbor said she’s happy for Patti Blagojevich, but said the president doesn’t really care about the former governor and his family.

“He doesn’t care about them,” she said. “Trump does not care about her and those kids. This is just him trying to save himself and Stone.”

In the Loop today, WGN spoke with several Chicagoans. Most were in agreement, saying it’s time for Blagojevich to come home.

“I think he should have gone to jail and I think he’s probably been there long enough,” a resident said.

Blagojevich was released from Englewood Federal Correctional Institution in Colorado Tuesday night. He boarded a plane home to Chicago at around 9 p.m.


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