Neighbors raise $10K for 29-year-old man shot in Bucktown

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CHICAGO — Neighbors helped raise about $10,000 to help a 29-year-old Bucktown man who was working on his car earlier this month when he was shot in the leg.

Kyle Garchar was working on his car around 9 p.m. April 2 on the 2000 block of North Hoyne Avenue when four men walked up and demanded his keys. They didn’t get the keys, but one of them took out a gun and shot him.

“He just kept saying, ‘Give me the keys, give me the keys,’” he said. “I didn’t know where they were. They were in the moment and the one guy took out a gun and shot me.”

Garchar said the entire incident lasted only a few seconds. He said he felt the gunshot, but it didn’t register right away that he had actually been shot in the leg. The men had knocked him to the ground and when he tried to get away, he realized his leg wasn’t working properly.

The four people took off running, and Garchar got the attention of his girlfriend who was inside his home, and another neighbor came outside to help.

Garchar spent four days in the hospital and now has a set of screws to help his leg heal. Part of his shin was shattered by the bullet and his tibia was also broken. He now uses a wheelchair to get around, but in a few weeks doctors think they are going to get him in a cast or a boot. After that, they believe he will make a full recovery.

Garchar has health insurance but was also hit with unexpected bills and has also had to miss time at work. He also thinks he may have to take a few weeks of unpaid leave, but his neighbors, friends and strangers stepped up to help him by starting GoFundMe pages. Block Club Chicago, who first reported the story, said they raised close to $10,000.

“I was totally shocked,” Garchar said. “I didn’t expect that. It was just one of those things where it felt really good to see a lot of people taking their time to donate and express words of encouragement.”

Chicago police say they’ve caught two of the four people that attacked Garchar.

Block Club Chicago reported that two of the four suspects, ages 16 and 17, were charged with attempted vehicular hijacking with an aggravated firearm in connection with the shooting.


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