NASA’s Scott Kelly grew 2 inches taller after a year in space

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Astronaut Scott Kelly, 52, returned home from space a little bit taller than his brother and former astronaut Mark Kelly.

The identical twins used to be the same height — but not anymore.

Scott Kelly grew two inches during his time aboard the International Space Station, NASA’s Jeff Williams said.

It was expected, and it’s temporary, Williams said.

“Astronauts get taller in space as the spine elongates,” Williams said. “But they return to preflight height after a short time back on Earth.”

Though he’s no longer an astronaut, Mark Kelly volunteered to take part in NASA’s “Twins Study” with his brother. NASA wants to see how the identical twins measure up after a year in two very different environments: Scott in space and Mark on Earth.

Scott Kelly returned to Earth on Tuesday after 340 days, the longest any U.S. astronaut has been in space.

Since then, he has been getting reacquainted with his planet, posting a series of tweets about life on the ground.

And after nearly a year sharing pictures of breathtaking views and high-tech equipment, Kelly did something Wednesday that showed he’s just like the rest of us.

He posted a photo of his lunch.

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