NAPERVILLE, Ill. — On Tuesday, Naperville police released body cam footage depicting a deadly shooting of a hatchet-wielding man.

According to police, on June 3 an officer was conducting a traffic stop around 11 a.m. near Bond Street and McDowell Road in Naperville. Around 10 minutes later, police said a second vehicle pulled up and a man, later identified as Edward Samaan, 28, holding a hatchet got out of the car.

After Samaan jumps out of the vehicle six shots are audible on body camera video.

It’s not clear how many times Samaan was actually struck, but police backup arrives less than two and a half minutes after the shooting.

“Paramedics arrive on scene with the backup officers render aid and transport the man to an area hospital, where he was pronounced deceased,” Naperville Police Chief Jason Arres said.

Body cameras were recently implemented for the department after only squad cars were equipped with them since 2014.

Full implementation of the cameras is expected by the end of the month, Arres said.

A third-party investigation of the shooting has been underway.