Naperville District 203 proposes plan to reduce forced quarantines


NAPERVILLE, Ill. One of the largest school districts in Illinois has offered a plan to reduce forced quarantines and lost classroom time due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

District 203 in Naperville is examining the ‘Test-to-Stay’ program, an effort that has been implemented in other districts. The plan focuses on those who have had close contact with infected individuals.

As long as they test negative, the students then do not have to quarantine. Implementation of the program still faces significant hurdles in DuPage County.

Superintendent Dan Bridges suggested the plan at a meeting on Monday while addressing the challenging testing requirements the school must adhere to.

The students would have to test negative the first, third, fifth and seventh day after exposure as part of the plan, though financial barriers are proving the plan difficult to implement.

The DuPage County Health Department has refused to endorse the plan, in part because the practice is not endorsed by the CDC.

For some parents, the plan is a way to get kids back in the classroom while utilizing resources to keep students safe.

“The only way that we’re going to stop the spread of this is by using the tools we have available,” parent Elizabeth Wendt said.

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