CHICAGO — For the 12th year in a row, more than a thousand people gathered for the ‘Moving Day Chicago,’ to raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease.

“We bring together people in Illinois, Wisconsin and Indiana,” Wes Braun from the Parkinson’s Foundation Midwest Advisory Board said.

Braun’s first interaction with Parkinsons came in 2012, when doctors gave his mom her diagnosis.

” She still works every day. she’s been in public schools for 30 years. She’s a rock, her motto is that ‘everybody has something’ so she doesn’t woe is me about her diagnosis and she’s always trying to figure out ways to move so,” Braun said.

He and his sisters started their own team, what they call ‘Moving for Mom’ to rally support for her and the community.

“She boxes to combat the disease and stay up on the latest research by eating the right foods, so she works really hard to combat her diagnosis and disease,” Braun said.

For Shari Wolf and her husband Tom, the first is just beginning, now two years since Tom’s diagnosis.

“There’s this kind of numbness of not knowing what this means so what Parkinson’s foundation has been able to provide, and northwestern doctors is a path to learning what was available to help us 39 learn how to live with the disease and slow its progression,” Wolf said.

There are 87 teams raising nearly 400 thousand dollars on this one day. Moving Feet and the Parkinson’s Foundation’s mission to help with care and fund research toward treatment and a cure.

For Tom, the support is worth every step.

“There are a lot of people who have Parkinson’s just need to get involved with things that are available because a lot of people don’t. 36 so just reach out to other people or people you know with Parkinson’s or the organization because it will help. 41 it’ll help tremendously. 43