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OK, so you know all about 3D movies by now. And you kind of get 4D. So what is this 5D stuff?

That was the big question I had heading to the new Pix 5D Cinema at Woodfield Mall. Before you ask if you can buy a ticket for “Django Unchained” and have all of that splatter flying in your face, this isn’t your standard movie theater. It’s a movie-themed attraction, along the lines of the motion rides you’d find at Disney World or Universal Studios.

Each $7 adult admission ($6 kids) gets you two short 3D movies (I’m told they rotate them out regularly). The auditorium features snow and fog machines, vibrating seats, “ticklers” near your legs, misters on the safety bar in front of you, strobe lights and more. For example, when you head through a wintry environment on screen, the snow machines kick on and a few (somewhat soapy) snowflakes float through the air. That is the 4D part of the experience.

As for the 5D? They attribute that to the moving seats. Each four-seat block is programmed to move along with the motion in the movie, so if you’re heading over the edge of a table in a toy store, the seats pitch down. The seats are powered by a large air compressor located behind the auditorium.

As for what you’ll be watching? You won’t be seeing any mainstream Hollywood movies here, at least not anytime soon. I mentioned how fun it would be to bounce through Luke Skywalker’s destruction of the Death Star, but acquiring the rights to show such a thing just isn’t in the budget.

Instead, current audiences will be treated to a flight through a toy store (“Night At The Toy Store”) and a time-traveling crime short (“Time Chasers”). And hey, given the way our winter is panning out here in Chicagoland, the Pix 5D Cinema might be your best chance to see some snow!

You can find more information about the theater on their website at It’s located at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, right at Entrance 5 (between Macy’s and Sears, look for the Rainforest Cafe logo over the entrance).

Next on my list is to try the D-Box motion-simulator seats over at the Muvico Theater in Rosemont. Anybody ever try them? Would love to hear your thoughts.

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