Mother seeks ruling reversal after son killed by Chicago police officer

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CHICAGO – A mother is seeking reinstatement of the original verdict in a deadly police shooting case.

A Chicago police officer shot and killed Niko Husband in July of 2011. Last month, a jury found the shooting was not justified and awarded Husband’s family 3.5 million dollars. But then the judge negated the verdict and ruled in favor of the city.

His reason had to do with the jury’s answer to a written question about whether the officer had a reasonable belief that his life was in danger.

Husband’s mother is asking another judge to reinstate the original verdict.

“To get that far, and on paper to have it still say the shooting was justified, I’m not happy  with that,” said Priscilla Price.

The jury foreman told the Chicago Tribune he was stunned about the reversal.

He said jurors wrote a note to the judge asking if their answer to that question would affect the verdict.  He said the judge didn’t answer that question directly and told the jury to use its best judgment.

There was no video of the shooting.

Police said Husband had a gun and was resisting arrest when he was shot three times at close range.

The involved officer was cleared by the city’s police oversight agency.

His attorney would not comment.



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