Mother opens sanctuary in honor of daughter killed during Sandy Hook tragedy

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SANDY HOOK, CT (WFSB) — It has been seven years since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Families who lost children that day have come together in many ways to heal.

Channel 3 spoke with a mom who is bringing her daughter’s love for animals to their community.

For the families, time has gone on, but this is still pain.

“The one thing I’ve been overwhelmed with when I started this project was that I am not the only parent who has lost a child,” said Jenny Hubbard.

Jenny Hubbard has found a way to celebrate her daughter’s life. Catherine Violet was a cute little red head who loved animals.

“Love them, loved them, loved them from the day she was born. Our earliest memory of her was with her stuffed animal and then with our dog under the table, nose to nose,” Hubbard said.

Hubbard started a sanctuary. The state donated 35 acres while volunteers have done the rest of the work.

There’s a community garden, a gazebo, and the benches were all donated.

“Good will always come out of the bad if you allow it. As long as you walk through those messy, sad, hard times, good will come out. This sanctuary is proof of that,” Hubbard said.

Many who go to the sanctuary bring their dogs. There are plenty of hiking and walking trails.

It has also become nature’s classroom. Workshops are held there for kids to learn about animals, everything from goats to kittens.

“We believe that animals should be in their rightful homes,” Hubbard said.

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