Mother of Naperville student targeted in racist Craigslist ad speaks out

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NAPERVILLE, Ill. — The mother of a suburban high school student who had his photo posted on Craigslist along with a racial slur is speaking out.

A student at Naperville Central High School was charged with a hate crime after he allegedly posting a racist ad to Craigslist. The 14-year-old was accused of posting a picture of a black student on Craigslist, with the caption “Slave For Sale” followed by a racial slur.

The mother of the student in the photo told WGN News Thursday she wants to see the 14-year-old punished.

Tamara Wallace, 43, said the Crasiglist ad was posted by a former friend of her son.

“It’s a hate crime,” Wallace said.

Wallace said she is disgusted by the act and by those who stood by and did nothing about it.

While she said her son is doing as well as can be expected and has returned to school, Wallace said she wants to see the student responsible for this racial injustice answer for it.

“I teach my kids to forgive, but never forget,” she said.

WGN’s Julie Unruh has more.


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