Officer cleared in 2016 fatal shooting, mother of victim says he should be fired, charged

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CHICAGO— The mother of a 19-year-old man who was fatally shot in 2016 by a police sergeant in Englewood spoke out on Friday after the shooting was found justified.

Karonisha Raye said she and her whole family miss her son Kajuan dearly. She said the officer who shot her son should be fired and face criminal charges.

Police Sgt. John Poulos shot Kajuan in November 2016 near 65th and Marshfield. Poulos thought he matched the description of a man involved in a domestic disturbance. Police approached the man, but he took off running.

The sergeant said Raye pointed a gun at him twice, Poulos fired and shot Raye in the back.

No weapon was found after an initial search.

Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said in November of 2016 that there were many unanswered questions as the incident was investigated.

COPA said a gun was found in the area of the shooting three months later. Raye’s mother said that was a lie and that the gun was planted.

Community activist JaMal Green said,” No DNA evidence on this gun, nothing that pointed this gun to Kajuan and if you’re out watering your grass for 3 months you would have found this weapon.”

COPA said the gun found matched one Raye posted on his social media the day before he was shot.

Raye is the second person Sgt. Poulos has fatally shot on the job— the first in 2013, also ruled justified.

A COPA spokesperson said careful consideration is always given to these reviews before reaching a conclusion in a statement.

“As the administrative investigative agency for the city of Chicago, careful consideration is always given to the civilian and law enforcement interviews, evidence, laws and general orders that govern the actions of the Chicago Police Department officers before reaching a conclusion,” Rottner said. “We encourage the public to read the report posted on our website.”

Those who are interested can read the full report on their website. 


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