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KENOSHA, Wis. — On Sunday Kenosha police shed light on the death of two young children found inside their home Saturday morning. Police say it appears they were killed by their own mother.

On Saturday morning at 3:15, the children’s father, Juan Javier Hernandez, arrived home from work to find the horrific scene: He placed a frantic call to 911 saying his wife was killing their children.

And then, authorities say, it appears the mother tried to kill herself.

Police say she had stabbed herself with a large knife eight times.

By the time authorities arrived, the children were found in bed together, dead.

Authorities say there were no signs of trauma. It appears that the kids were given medicine and suffocated.

The victims are 3-year-old Alicia Arellano Hernandez and 1-year-old Javier Arellano Hernandez.

Police say the father was interviewed as a witness but there is no indication he was involved in murder of the children.

Inside the home, authorities say, they found a letter the mother wrote explaining how she killed each child.  She also mailed a package to her sister explaining what she was going to do. Police say in that letter, Lucia Alvarez indicated that she and her husband were having relationship issues and by doing this, she would set him free.

Alvarez, the mother, is expected in court Monday, and the medical examiner will perform an autopsy on the children.