Mother delivers own baby in just 10 minutes while home alone

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- A new mom delivered her own baby in just 10 minutes while she was home alone with the help of a 911 dispatcher.

Allison Marquardt went into labor last month but realized she would not make it to the hospital. So she called 911.

(dispatcher) "Are you alone?"
(Caller) "Yes."
(Dispatcher) "I want you to  assume the most comfortable position and take deep breaths between your contractions."
Marquardt laid down on her bedroom floor as Gillinger began helping her through child birth.
(Dispatcher) "Let me know when the baby is completely out. (Caller cries in pain) (Dispatcher) Let me know what's happening ok?"
(caller crying)
(dispatcher) "Push again, ok?"
(Caller) "Oh! He's out."
(Dispatcher) "He is out?"
(Caller) "Yes."
(Dispatcher) "Is the baby crying or breathing?"
(Baby crying)
(Dispatcher) "Ok! Good! I hear that!"
(baby cooing)

The operator helped keep her calm and talked Allison through delivering her son.

Paramedics arrived and took them to the hospital to be checked out.

Little Augustine is now four-weeks-old.


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