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CHICAGO — The mayor and city’s top cop on announced sweeping changes to the Chicago Police Department’s search warrant policy, including the banning of most “no-knock” warrants.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot and CPD Supt. David Brown made the announcement Wednesday. The police changes will help prevent wrong raids and will ensure that the search warrants are “being carried out with a respect for human dignity.” The city said the changes will also guarantee accountability and transparency following wrong raids.

The following changes will be taking effect during searches:

  • All “No-Knock” warrants will be banned except in specific cases where lives or safety are in danger
  • A lieutenant must now be on-site overseeing the execution of a search
  • A female officer must now be on-site during a search

After a search, the police department will obtain a complaint log number and will now also conduct an after-action review for all wrongful raids, which now includes those served at a wrong address and served based on inaccurate information.

The changes come following the events that took place at Anjanette Young’s home and the city’s actions that followed.

Police incorrectly raided Young’s home in 2019 and bodycam footage shows her standing naked and handcuffed. She sued the city and said the incident was humiliating.

“Even if If Ms. Young was the biggest drug kingpin, we still should have treated her with dignity and respect,” Brown said.

“What Ms. Young experienced continues to be traumatic and disturbing for all Chicagoans of goodwill,” Lightfoot added. “We have owned and have a responsibility to make right what was wrong.”

As the department makes reforms, several aldermen are pushing for an ordinance that would constrain police by law. In the meantime, Mayor Lightfoot continues her effort to restore public confidence in CPD.

“The fact of the matter is trust was no question shake,” she said. “I’ve been working diligently, personally, as has my team, as has the police department to make sure that we’re being responsive.”